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Debbie Lewis

You may recognise Debbie more so as Mrs D Lewis, an icon of business skills within the industry. Debbie has owned multiple salons and at one point employed 50+ staff. Her skills have led her to create Salon Angels, a social media/marketing business and more recently she has branched out of the industry and now has a role with Nat West as a Regional Eco-System Manager.  Her knowledge of business, funding, finance, scaling and so much more is immense and if you get the opportunity to sit with this true legend take it!

12pm 3/3

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Kerry Beavis

Join Kerry Beavis for a 1:1 30-minute session and find out how you can grow your solo therapist business. A specialist in social media and marketing Kerry will help you work out the best way to attract and retain that perfect client. An award-winning therapist herself, Kerry will get you on track to building your successful solo business.

3pm 3/3

Philippa Holding

Don’t suffer or settle for less anymore. Philippa Holding, The Mind Atelier, can help you unleash your hidden portential and get the results you desire in business, your income and life faster, easier and in less time than you thought possible. Philippa specialises in helping entrepreneurail women to live boldly, unlock new levels of peak performance and redefine what’s possible. Philippa has a prior career in the nail and beauty sector and is now an acclaimed international award-winning mindset coach, rapid transformational therapist, and trainer who can help you with mindset, mental-health and wellbeing, and accellerated busines growth.

2.30pm 3/3

3pm 3/3

Donna Clayton

Donna Clayton is renowned within the beauty sector as the coach to help you set up your education academy business. Donna has a career in the beauty industry as a professional and as educator who has taught in further education and has her own successful private academy. Turning her skills to academy business start-up she has helped many salon owners and professionals pivot their businesses to add education to their offerings. Now specialising in helping solo professionals bring education into their businesses, if you want to start the process and don’t know where to begin, book a 1:1 with Donna.

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Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen has been in industry for over 3 decades and has been a professional and educator over that time. She now owns her own training academy in Kent teaching regulated and non-regulated qualifications. Her experience is vast so if you want to know more about setting up your academy Debbie is a great person to sit down with. Alongside these skills Debbie is also a mindset coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and so if you’re feeling like things are getting on top of you Debbie can help with goal setting and managing your own wellbeing too.

10.30am 3/3

11am 4/3

Sam Blake

Sam Blake is The Safer Salon Geek, a history going back over decades as a professional in spa & salon who has taught in Further Education and private academies and with a back catalogue of experience most professionals would envy. Sam now specialises and is the industry’s go to for Health & Safety consultancy, advice and guidance. Alongside this she also provides advice and guidance on Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace. A 30 minute 1:1 with Sam will give you insights into making your salon a safe and comfortable place for your clients and your team.

11am 4/3

11.30am 4/3

Carl Hinder

Carl is one of the pricing and retail gurus of the salon industry and a 30 minute 1:1 will fly past as he fills your mind with great solutions, advice and more. With a history in retail prior to joining the salon industry, Carl specialises in helping salon owners grow through correct pricing and making retail a key income focus.

12pm 3/3

1.30pm 4/3

2pm 4/3

Ria-Jaine Lincoln

Ria is one of the salon industry’s go to finance experts. Qualified accountant who can help you master your numbers and keep you on track. HMRC compliance, management accounts, managing day to day finances – whatever your financial concern, Ria is on hand to help you find a solution that fits your business.

11.30am 3/3

12.30pm 3/3

Davianne Beepot

Join Davianne Beepot for a 1:1 30-minute session to discuss all things business growth as she joins us from the US! Davianne has a great record as a Strategic Business Growth Partner. Davianne brings over a decade of unparalleled experience in business growth and aesthetics. Her journey is marked by innovative strategies, transformative coaching, and a deep commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and spa owners to achieve their highest potential.

11am 3/3

12.30 4/3

Jenna Leigh

Jenna is a Beauty Business Mentor and can help with business skills and marketing for PMU, Beauty, and Academy businesses. If you need assistance with your socials and ways to attract new clients/students book in with Jenna

3.30pm 3/3

Sarah Abel

Book your 30 minute 1:1 session with Sarah Abel, “The Apprenticeship Godmother”. Sarah is renowned within the beauty industry as one the most knowledgeable experts around Apprenticeships. Want to know how apprenticeships can drive your business forward? Want to understand funding? Sarah has secured some the highest pots of funding in the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to share some space with her.

10.30am 3/3

4pm 3/3


Julie Knight

Book your 30 min 1:1 with Julie Knight. Julie is a lash professional, trainer and mentor and is the creator of Behind The Mask a training company that helps salon professionals recognise the signs of domestic violence and abuse. If you want to enhance your workplace safety, Julie is the 1:1 expert to book in with.

3pm 4/3

4.30pm 4/3

Tracy Fensome

Join Tracy Fensome for a 30 minute 1:1 session to discuss what’s currently challenging you in your beauty business. With a long history in the PMU/Aesthetics sector as a professional and successful academy owner, Tracy now provides coaching to the industry for business development.

4pm 3/3

12pm 3/3

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