It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s transformational, it’s educational!  But what is it all about?

Nabuno and Salon Education Journal are excited to introduce a new stage for educators and experts within the salon industry – SALON:ED Talks.  The premise of the Talks is to share knowledge, skills, ideas, and experience in the form of video presentations or seminars. It is a new and fantastic opportunity for experienced professionals, educators, and industry experts to expand their profile, their audience, and to develop their skills in public speaking and presentation.

SALON:ED Talks will be relatable to the salon industry and encourage personal or professional growth for the viewer. They will be hosted on our SALON:ED YouTube channel from early 2024.

Talking for a living has been part of my career path since I started work in the 80’s, and like many of us, ‘talks too much’ was always a critique on school reports. In my corporate roles, as a salon professional talking with clients, as an educator imparting my knowledge and skills, or more recently as a podcaster talking to a mic, talking has continued to be very much part of what I ‘do’. In the salon industry I know I’m not alone in this trait – we all talk for a living in some way or other. Some dislike it, some just want to be quietly consulting with a client; meanwhile, others want to be on the rooftops sharing to anyone who’ll listen to their knowledge, ideas, or thoughts. For those that don’t love it so much, you’ll probably be a great listener. There must be a balance for all of that hot air from the rest of us. The Ying and Yang needed to complete the circle of communication. For every voice there must be listeners, and listeners want to hear a voice that resonates.

Most educators and experts like to talk and present, even if only to a small group. Some have experienced stage speaking too; however, this activity usually tops the ‘what do you fear most list’ for most people. If you’ve not stood on a stage with a microphone and spoken to an audience, the thought of it can be anxiety inducing and terrifying. We all start somewhere, and in today’s world where video content is king, mastering your fear of the camera and the mic can give power to your career and your business. This is where the SALON:ED Talks come in.  Alongside those that love public speaking, we are welcoming those new to speaking and who want to challenge themselves to take the step to connecting with a bigger audience.  

Although this is a virtual, recorded talk, going through the SALON:ED process will enhance your skill set. Whether through the speaking itself or the planning, writing, practicing, or recording skills, submitting a talk will help you grow. It can help you build confidence, increase your knowledge of your subject through research and preparation, grow your profile and network, and may even help build your position as an expert in your subject.  The SALON:ED Talks opens a new way of sharing and growing as an industry speaker.  

What SALON:ED Talks are:

  • Talks relating solely to promotion of education, skill development, career development, and business development within the salon industry and supporting sectors.
  • All sectors and niches related to the salon industry are welcome.
  • ‘Coffee Break Talk’ of around 15 minutes or a ‘Lounge Talk’ of around 45 minutes.
  • An opportunity to raise your professional profile as a SALON:ED speaker.

There are a few things that SALON:ED Talks aren’t as well…

The SALON:ED talks will not be an opportunity for product houses, business coaches or other sellers of goods or services to promote products, schemes, or brands.  All talks hosted on the SALON:ED channel will be provided free of charge at the point of delivery and no payments will be made to the speakers. There will be rules around what can and cannot be included in the talks which will be made available at the point of application.

We’ll be starting the application and submission process very soon and details will be available on our socials and on the website as soon as we’re ready. 

We are really excited about bringing this innovation in educational resources to the industry and would love for you to be part of this legacy.

The SALON:ED Talks will be hosted by Nabuno & Salon Education Journal, and we are welcoming sponsors to collaborate on this great educational platform for the industry.  Sponsorship enquiries should be directed to he***@sa*******************.uk.