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For a long time, wellness and beauty have been closely intertwined. However, not every wellness trend will transfer to your business, so how can you spot the next trend that is going to increase your client satisfaction and help grow your business?

The answer lies in looking at how your clients build wellness into their daily routines. Research the market and look for wellness trends reshaping the wider market and how you may be able to incorporate them into your business.

The wellness movement has created a surge of “natural” brands and has marked the start of a significant shift in the salon industry. Yet, simply being labelled as “natural”, as we know, isn’t the golden ticket it’s sometimes made out to be.

 Misuse of language like natural or organic to sell a solution to your clients is something we should be mindful of and before you use these terms make sure those labels fit. 

To attract new clients, and maintain client retention, it’s important to tap into new wellness trends that are emerging. Here are some current trends that are being welcomed by clients and businesses alike:

“Clients are continuing to seek brands that offer “free from”, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients, plant-based formulations, and packaging that is reusable or refillable, along with low carbon footprints.”

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Following on from the after effects of the pandemic, more and more consumers are prioritising self care and incorporating it into their personal care routines. According to global insight organisation, NIQ in their 2023 Consumer Outlook, a huge 46% of current consumers identified physical or mental wellness as a top priority for 2023. 

As we all make the effort to improve our mental and physical health, are your clients looking towards a wider range of products or services to help target hair, skin and nails as part of a healthier lifestyle?

Clients are not only seeking to improve their skin or build healthier hair and nails, they are looking for products and services that help reduce stress and anxiety, give a sense of relief from daily life and something that makes them feel pampered and looked after inside and out. 

Clean Beauty

The demand for clean beauty and personal care products is growing, and today’s clients can be highly selective about the ingredients they prefer.

There are a variety of free from products on the market and many product brands are now ensuring that they offer a choice of products that reflect the consumer patterns that are evolving.

As more products exclude ingredients like sulphates, along with many others, to enhance their purity, the market becomes narrower but continues to be a growing space. It’s important that you understand your client demographic’s view on clean beauty so you can deliver the products they are most likely to connect with. 

Building Sustainability Into Your Business

As an industry we have begun the turn towards eco-friendly brands and systems to improve our carbon footprint, create less waste and be more world friendly. As we make these changes an increasing number of clients are also, not just scrutinising the practices of the businesses, where they spend their hard-earned money, they are also looking at the packaging materials, its potential for refill, recycling, or composting which we should also be considering. 

More and more clients are looking for sustainable solutions in every aspect of their lives, including actively making more sustainable choices when choosing salons and professionals.

Marketing your business and demonstrating your use of products created by eco-brands that offer sustainability, focus on wellness and shine the light on healthy living, will make you a beacon business for those keen to help themselves and make a difference to the world. Many clients are unaware that there are eco-salons out there, so if you are in that mix, make sure your marketing and branding clearly state it.

Clients are continuing to seek brands that offer “free from”, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients, plant-based formulations, and packaging that is reusable or refillable, along with low carbon footprints. 

The momentum behind the clean and sustainable trend shows no signs of waning, and so if you’ve not taken the step in the clean, green direction yet, maybe it’s time to start investigating.

Make It Personal

One trend that is significantly on the increase is service personalisation. Clients are seeking out products and services that salons are tailoring to their specific and personal needs. This level of bespoke services attracts clients that want to be made to feel like they are created just for them and that they are heard.

Bespoke advance level beauty treatments and packages, that include in depth consultations and treatment plans, will hook into a very specific client demographic that has a disposable income level to support this very service level. However you can also create affordable upgrades to make things a little more personalised to your clients. The cheapest of these is offering silent treatments where there is no conversation during the client’s treatment time. Free to offer, but for some who want to relax, be with themselves, it can be an invaluable service offering.

Offering a highly targeted product or treatment can also help you stand out from the crowd and be ahead of the game in terms of meeting the needs of specific category searches.There have been shifts in what your clients may be searching and research shows that the key words are changing.

“The demand for clean beauty and personal care products is growing, and today’s clients can be highly selective about the ingredients they prefer.”

Searches are less generic and terms like “anti-aging” are being used less while searches looking for more tailored options such as, “mature, dry skin over 40” are increasing.  

Being aware of these shifts in consumer searches can help you keep your business or brand at the forefront of these trends and you can use websites like Answer The Public, to look into keyword searches for your services, treatments and products. 

Stay Ahead of the Game

In order to use consumer trends as a way to increase revenue or help your business grow, it is vital to keep informed of the latest wellness movements. Reading consumer magazines, industry journals, keeping up with social media and checking in with your clients on what their interests are will all help towards this goal. 

Be alert for trends that bridge the gap between wellness and beauty, such as eco-friendly products, organic ingredients, or mindfulness-related practices. This understanding can provide a lens into the industry’s next new thing as it emerges. WGSN is a great place to start and will give you insights for coming years. 

Keep on top of your client thoughts and desires, by using in salon questionnaires and polls on your socials before investing in new products so you don’t end up with a lot of stock that didn’t quite hit the mark. 

Embracing the wellness trends that are here to stay for now means you will appeal to consumers who are building health into their lifestyle and are seeking a salon that fits their needs.

Top Tips to Bring Wellness to Your Services:


  • Silent Treatments

  • Offer weighted blankets

  • Heated underblankets

  • Cooling blankets

  • Music choices in treatment rooms

  • Lighting options