Fact: You could be an absolute legend in your chosen industry, top of the class through all your training courses, be the best at what you do and be ready to start your own business, but if you don’t have the time or knowledge on how to attract clients, it’s not going to make you any money. 

I was asked an interesting question a few months ago by a business owner who was quizzing me about whether he should outsource his social media or hire someone to be in-house, he asked:

“Is there such a thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ social media cheat sheet that works across any industry or do I need to hire someone who is specific to mine?

Let’s get real for a moment about social media as a business owner. When you start your own business, and you put your blood sweat and tears into it over time, outsourcing your social media to a stranger, no matter how professional they are, can be frightening. The idea of losing control of what is posted across your accounts can cause serious anxiety, not to mention cost you a pretty penny, and the idea that someone outside of your business would know better than you what to post is a little hard to believe.

I’ll be honest, I am a bit of a control freak. I have run my own business now for 10 years in an industry I have been part of for almost 25 years, and one of the toughest aspects of helping businesses to be successful is their social media strategy.  Before I migrated over into marketing within the salon industry, I was a social media manager for various types of business across totally different industries, for example, I managed business launches, rebrands, website builds, marketing audits and social media management for many businesses including:

      • A Women’s peer to peer support charity.

      • A Building plastics and builders supplies trade centre.

      • Aesthetics and weight loss clinic.

      • Beauty and wellness salon.

      • Businesses vehicle and assets financing company.

      • Ornamental plaster manufacturing company.

      • Garden machinery business.

      • Windows, doors and conservatory supply and fit company.

      • Restaurants and cocktail bars

Just to name a few, but you get the idea. Over the years of dealing with these various businesses, I have accumulated a tonne of ‘useless knowledge’ from how to identify a property’s age by the period features & how to maintain the perfect lawn, to how to make the perfect Pina Colada (ok, that one’s been quite useful) So from this, you would most likely deduce that you don’t need to have expertise in any one industry to be a great social media manager…

Well, yes and no.

OK, let me explain a little further…

Pros: An experienced SSM will have specialist skills in analytics and creation of an effective strategy.

But first, here are a few pros and cons of hiring a social media manager:

To successfully manage the social media for business X, you need to be able to understand a lot more than just what business X is. It’s all well and good knowing what business X sells, the services they offer and the industry they are in, but you also need to understand things like, their unique audience, the language or tone of voice the company is comfortable portraying, the specific aspects of the location they are in, who their customer are and where they come from, the way their current customers interact with them, what their end goal is etc… These are the type of things you may not understand as a social media manager just by looking at your client’s website.

Ideally, anyone running your social media for you needs to make sure they match your businesses goals, understands the current trends and important aspects of your industry, familiarises themselves with any geographical issues, understands your target audience and most importantly, matches the tone and personality of your businesses and any in-house posts you are sharing.

As a business owner, you need to make sure that, if you’re going to outsource your social media management, that their asking you the right questions for them to reach and engage with your target audience. We will cover how to find the perfect social media manager in more depth in a further article, but for now, I want to look at quick way as a salon business owner that you can add a little extra to your social media without having to spend hour writing content.  

Now there are some basic that I am sure you are aware of such as:

      • Making sure you have a book now button on your Facebook page and links to book or contact in your Instagram bio.

      • You’re posting plenty of before and after photos.

      • Sharing other people content, responding to comments and questions.

      • Talking about yourself and your team.

      • Using relevant hashtags.

      • Utilising the use of stories and reals.

But what about the language you’re using? Are you using enough calls to action? Are you grabbing attention with hooks? Are you encouraging your followers to engage with your posts?

Here’s a few ideas for language you can use to amplify your current content…

If you would like to prompt your followers to give you more likes and comments use these end statements:

      • Double tap if you agree (Instagram)

      • I would love to know your thoughts on this…

      • Have you ever [relatable experience]? Let’s discuss!

      • Struggling with [common problem]? This one trick changed everything! 

      • Tag a friend who needs this!

      • Today we had a client who (insert situation) What would you have done?

      • You won’t believe how [common thing] used to be done…

      • Just me or…? [funny relatable situation]

Encourage saves and shares:

      • Love this? Save it to refer to later.

      • Save this for inspiration!

      • Share this with someone who will love it as much as we do…

      • Shae this with someone who needs it!

      • If you know, you know. Tag someone who gets this…

Grab Followers:

      • (Separate your post/reel into two parts) Follow for past 2!
      • Ever wondered how we [unique process]?Here’s a glimpse! 
      • Found this useful? Great! Follow us for more…
      • Follow for more inspiration.

Generate leads or bookings:

      • Drop us a DM for more info
      • Booking link in Bio!
      • Have a question? Get in touch here x x x
      • Want it? DM for more info/book now/click here to buy

Here’s a few ideas on how to start a post to grab more attention…

      • I shouldn’t really tell you this, but…
      • This might shock you…
      • Which one are you? A) xxx B)xxx
      • Stop doing xxx right now if you want xxx
      • Here’s the secret to…
      • (insert a problem you can solve) is NOT something you have to live with!
      • Stop wasting time with…
      • You’ll be shocked at how easy it can be to achieve (insert goal)
      • I have a confession to make…
      • OMG, you’re not still xxxxxxx are you? (shaving your legs on holiday – book a wax consultation/having to use waterproof mascara on holiday – book a lash tint/lash extension appointment)
      • Controversially, I never do this to my clients…
      • NEVER do this after you’ve (had a wax/had a lash tint/had a colour on your hair)

As you can see, just by adding a call to action at the end of, or a hook at the beginning of your posts, and hopefully these ideas with help you ramp up your engagement without spending hours writing new content. Ultimately, successful social media profiles have a good balance between posts that provide value, spark emotion and encourage a response using strong visuals, great hooks and captions and relevant hashtags to maximise your impact.

If you’re considering outsourcing your social media and want to know the secrets to recognising the traits of a social media manager who knows their stuff and the questions to ask them, CLICK HERE to read part 2. 

Di’s sales and marketing career spans over 26 years starting in print sales and progressing through to head of special publications and on to running her marketing business for the last 10 years. Di now specialises in website design, SEO, social media management and content creation: It is through her marketing business that she became involved with Nabuno, and most recently, which sparked the creation & launch of Salon education Journal.