Alice Kingdom

With over a decade-long career dedicated to permanent makeup and advanced beauty, Alice Kingdom is a true enthusiast. Whether she’s training aspiring professionals or sourcing top-quality supplies, Alice proudly embraces her “geek” status, driven by a genuine passion for the science behind treatments, product optimisation, and sharing her knowledge.

As the founder of Body and Brows, Alice has established her brand as a paragon of excellence in training and advice within the industry. Her remarkable accomplishments include multiple industry awards, speaking engagements at international conferences, and organising successful events.

Recognising the demand for accessible education, Alice expanded her reach by launching online improvers courses, attracting thousands of students worldwide. Additionally, she serves as the host and organiser of the highly acclaimed PMU Conference and Awards in the UK.

Alice’s primary objective as a trainer is to equip her students with the essential skills and knowledge to achieve optimal healing results for their clients. Known for her patience, concise explanations, and approachability, she creates a safe and supportive learning environment.

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