Andrew Hansford

Andrew Hansford:  is a powerhouse in aesthetics education, having founded ACHaesthetics he now has a dedicated training academy at Tower Bridge. 

He has been teaching aesthetics-based courses for over 25 years throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia. 

Andrew is passion for aesthetics education shows through his unique approach to teaching, drawing upon experience from the industry while uniting theory and practice. 

With many success stories of participants under his wings, Andrew Hansford stands as a leader and mentor in the aesthetics industry.

Andrew is passionate about helping beauty professionals develop their skills so they can provide amazing services to their clients. 

His academy offers a range of workshops, seminars, and mentoring programs that enable practitioners to develop their knowledge and hone their technique.

With Andrew’s commitment to excellence in aesthetics education, this academy has become the go-to destination for aspiring aesthetic professionals who want to reach their fullest potential.

He is also a published author of a global best-selling book

“I founded ACHaesthetics in 2019. After working in the aesthetics industry in Los Angeles and the UK, I realized that there was a need to take a different approach to education in the aesthetics/beauty world

There was a need for bespoke, unbiased, and transparent training that focused on individual needs. That’s why at ACHaesthetics, we have the interests of our clients, their business, and the Aesthetics industry at the heart of our business. 

We act with Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism and Ethically in all areas of our work. In fact, these are our company values

When you learn with us, we support you before, during and after the training. You receive an extensive manual that includes the information needed to complete the course, case studies and individual study. 

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