Carl Hinder

Carl’s prior retail sales and management experience gives him a different foundation to many salon coaches and with his salon pricing app you know he means business when it comes to getting your price right.  He is all about your bottom line and growing your sales to help you scale your salon or spa business. His down to earth methodology and calming presence will help any salon business re-examine their practices and reach for success.

“I am Carl Hinder (salon-Help  Business Coach) I am an award-winning business coach, delivering sales growth with Salon owners, all over the world and ensuring that they stay on track with their business development. I have spent over 15 years running my own chain of salons, in addition to a combined 30 years in retail management roles in corporate organisations. I am now solely committed to helping others achieve their potential.  
I started to formalise my salon coaching in 2015, after working with salons on a less formal basis for many years, often with industry bodies. When it comes to Salon business coaching, I know my background makes me hugely different from most coaches in my sector. I have never found yet, a business that would fail, only salon owners not prepared to make changes, but that’s part of what I help you with too.”