SEJ Podcast Information

The podcast is called SEJ -The Recordings

All Collaborative Columnists are invited to join the podcast, however it is not compulsory as we recognise it may not be for everyone.  The podcast will be made up of individual episodes created by Collaborative Columnists reading their column and providing it to SEJ in a final edited format. SEJ will add branded intro and outro elements before upload to the respective channels.

The podcast is being created to recognise accessibility for those that may prefer an audio platform for their knowledge updates. This will be in addition to app services that are available publicly that any  visually impaired users may have access to which enables them to be part of our audience.

Available on: Apple, Spotify, YouTube and other audio platforms, we will also have a dedicated landing page on the SEJ and Nabuno websites

Release Dates: Episodes will be released every 2/3 days throughout the quarter following the printed publication, for example Nov 23 launch issue will begin release on the podcast on 1 Feb 24

Episodes will be released in reverse order of the print order in the publication.

Deadline: 15 Jan (episodes going out 1 Feb-30 Apr)

Recordings: CCs to provide a final edited version of their audio in MP3, MP4 or MP4a

Intro/Outro: SEJ have purchased a section of music under licence so all episodes are uniform and begin and end the same way. Within the intro/outro’s SEJ will provide the overall podcast  information.

CCs should introduce themselves on their episode at beginning as their own intro and can provide an outro where you summarise a general offer.

Intro Script: If you need a line to start you off, please feel free to use this and tailor to your own words where you want to. This is meant as a guide is not compulsory. No music please, just your lovely voices.

Hi/Hello, I’m XXXXXXX and I write for Salon Education Journal as a Collaborative Columnist and cover XXXXXXXX.  In this episode I’ll be talking to you about XXXXXXX so I can help you XXXX.

Outro Script: Thank you for listening and I hope you’ve found the episode useful.  If you’d like to connect with me, you can find my links in the show notes. Speak to you again soon.

Content: We would ask that you either read out your column or if you wish to add value or embellish you keep it relative to your column.

Duration: 15 minute maximum

What to send: A final edited version of your recording that includes your intro/outro.  If you are a confident audio editor, then please ask us for the SEJ intro/outro if you are happy to add to front and back of your recording.

Show Notes: Please provide a 200 word (max) summary of your episode with key takeaways and reference points and a non-time sensitive link that can accompany show notes and episode. We’d recommend a Linktree or similar as these can be updated with your current call to action, socials etc.

Digital Assets: SEJ will provide you with a generic SEJ Podcast image with your headshot included for you to share with your episode on release.

Release Dates: Episodes will begin being available from 1 February 2024 and those taking part will be added in the reverse order of the magazine order.   They will be drip fed over the following couple months 2/3 episodes per week.  A schedule of releases will be provided once we know how many, who is recording etc.

Marketing: Please promote your episode on release using the digital asset provided and using podcast link provided.