Di Hughes

SEJ Creative Director

Di is an advertising and marketing specialists with a career spanning 27 years, owner of her own digital and creative agency based in Scotland, and Creative Director for Nabuno and Salon Education Journal. 

She started her career in 1997 as a sales and marketing agent for special media publications. After working in marketing and speacial publications for major players in the publishing and advertising industry over 13 years, her career took her from one end of the country to the other. Joining the fast-moving online advertising world in 2010 was a natural progression for her marketing career. 

Honing these skills over the next 5 years, Di became an expert in designing effective, full scale online marketing strategies for SMEs that included websites and social media portfolios.  

In 2015, she made the decision to start her own creative agency after seeing that many small business owners were struggling to keep up with how quickly the online marketing industry was moving. She was able to offer her services to business owners who needed support integrating websites and social media into their marketing portfolios. Utilising her extensive knowledge of print, directory, broadcast and online marketing, Di was able to create effective and affordable marketing portfolios with strategies for her clients that gave results.

Although their history goes back almost 10 years, for the last 5 years, Di has been working in partnership with Sue Davies on Nabuno, and more recently, on launching Salon Education Journal. 

“Although I have worked with clients across many different industries, connecting with many salon and beauty business owners through recommendations brought me into an industry where I have been able to help support those really trying to make a difference. Working on projects that are dedicated to help business owners grow and improve knowledge and standards across the board for all is something that is close to my heart, and Nabuno and Salon Education Journal is designed to support this industry in doing just that”.