Layla Tourh

Layla joins us to talk about enhancing your personal & career growth through confidence and assertiveness. Her tenacious attitude towards business has led to become a leader in the industry with a history in salon ownership, education, product distribution, online education and more, Layla knows how to create multiple income streams and leverage her skills.  She’ll be sharing her knowledge and giving you all permission to say NO!

Lets take you back to the year 2020, when doing nails involved free hand French Manicures. no social media and saying yes to every client that walked through the door. That is how Layla started her 23 years of industry service. 

Since then Layla went on to train and distribute for some of the largest nail brands in the world and develop her own range of professional beauty products that she now sells internationally. 

In more recent years, Layla also coaches women in the nail and bauty industry in helping them to achieve success, starting with how they can generate multiple streams of income with their nail skills. 

Someone took that same thing you’re avoiding and won with it! So what are you waiting for?, and you don’t have to do all this on your own, we will do it together!