Mandie Holgate

Multi award winning coach, Founder of The Business Woman’s Network, and best-selling author of books focused on the power of the mind to achieve.

Mandie Holgate is a straight talking business woman that has grown over 20,000 businesses often with little budget and restricted time.

“I was one of the youngest Bodyshop managers in the automotive industry in the 90’s taking that business to sale for 1.2 million, with 27+ years business experience, success and knowledge helping thousands to achieve exceptional results personally and professionally. When I set up my coaching practice 16 years ago within 2 years I was invited to work on projects for the Bank of England, DTi and the Home Office.

If I thought that was good I ended up on ITV1’s The Lorraine Show and was invited to write a book by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers.

Originally the plan with Pearson’s had been to write a book for the business community that looks at the 12 biggest fears that impact on all of us.

WH Smith’s loved the manuscript so we altered the book to become a top 10 for WH Smith’s and is now sold around the world in Russian, Czech, Turkish and Arabic.

HR companies around the world cite Fight the Fear as a top resource to engage, empower and motivate teams into high performance. 

It was a real honour to host the book launch next door to the Savoy, overlooking the Thames in a stunning venue surrounded by so many amazing guests.

International coach, author and TV presenter Pete Cohen said he was honoured to introduce me and loves the book.

Fight the fear has endorsements from celebs, business leaders, international authors and speakers and event organisers.  My new book has a lot of love from the CEO of one of the worlds largest online publications Lifehack

I can’t tell you how in awe I was to stand in Winston Churchill’s bedroom in a room that has seen some of the greatest leaders of all time.

Invited to events at Downing Street and The House of Lords for my work supporting women in business and business success, it never ceases to amaze the opportunities that come my way.

I’ve spoken for the world’s largest virtual conferences with over 1800 guests from 36 different countries and 24 of the best speakers in the world – they’ve already invited me back!

I’ve been asked to comment and write for many publications.

And my achievements have gained me media coverage in national and local magazines as well as some of the glossy magazines – including Red Magazine, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Institute of Directors Magazine, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Womans Own.

I’m very proud of my organisation The Business Womans Network now in it’s 12 year. It was set up to be a place to learn new skills, grow your network and get the results professionally and personally you wish to.”