Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson has been in salons since 1999 and has seen the industry as an employee, salon owner, manager, and teacher.

As a speaker and business book author, his approach is direct (sometimes called “sassy!) and his advice is eminently practical.  “I never wanted to be a guru, handing down advice.  I am in the trenches with you, feeling your pain and fighting alongside you”.

With 20+ years of salon experience, a BSc in Banking and Finance and a Graduate Diploma in Law, Phil isn’t spooked by the business side of salons. He sees his work as bringing sound and proven strategies to salons, without overwhelm. 

“In an industry largely driven by women, women of colour and the LGBTQ+ community, it drives me crazy that our coaching is boring and delivered by straight, white men.  We’re a creative industry.  That needs to be reflected in our coaching and our business strategies too.  Salon owners weren’t designed to be boring.” 


  • Phil Jackson opened his own salon in 2001
  • In 2015 he won his first award for innovation for launching the UKs first salon membership program
  • Build Your Salon was established in 2016
  • Phil’s first book, “The Hairy Book of Innovation” was released in 2016
  • Phil’s second book, “The Hairy Book of Email” was released in 2017 
  • In 2020 the business pivoted to a group and online coaching model for customers
  • Build Your Salon is a truly international business with customers from the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia