A new platform for educators and experts to talk to the salon industry and share knowledge, skills, ideas and experience.

It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s transformational, it’s educational!  But what is it all about?

Nabuno and Salon Education Journal are excited to introduce a new stage for educators and experts within the salon industry – SALON:ED Talks.  The premise of the Talks is to share knowledge, skills, ideas, and experience in the form of video presentations or seminars. It is a new and fantastic opportunity for experienced professionals, educators, and industry experts to expand their profile, their audience, and to develop their skills in public speaking and presentation.

SALON:ED Talks will be relatable to the salon industry and encourage personal or professional growth for the viewer. They will be hosted on our SALON:ED YouTube channel from early 2024.

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SALON|ED TALKS is organised and hosted by Salon Education Journal & Nabuno Ltd and if successful in your application your presentation will be hosted on our SALON|ED TALKS YouTube channel where it will be a publicly accessible video. All rights remain with Salon Education Journal & Nabuno Ltd and further information can be found on our SALON|ED TALKS Guideline documents. Do you agree to this prior to proceeding?