Sam Blake

Sam Blake has a lifelong commitment to the industry as a professional & educator across many roles. Now a Health & Safety salon specialist she focuses on mental health and wellbeing in addition to compliance. Her vast experience and knowledge helps salon business owners on a daily basis. 

Sam’s formative industry career was spent providing beauty, spa, massage and holistic services where she progressed into management and troubleshooting roles, followed on by becoming an Educator, IQA with curriculum development roles in further and private sector education. These experiences gift her a comprehensive, deep understanding and breadth of knowledge of our industry’s Health, Safety, and Welfare culture and needs, both in business and people.  With experience in many different environments and size of business, including solo working, she has more than likely experienced, and resolved, the pitfalls, problems you face within your business at some point, with lived experiences making her a Health, Safety and Wellbeing consultant and trainer with insight and first hand knowing. 

Sam is now The Safer Salon Geek, working with all types of salon industry businesses including Academies, Sam has a synergistic approach to Health and Safety, embedding policy into practise, creating tailored, not template systems of work, and strengthening the businesses blueprint with a do better than the minimum, compliance, and socioeconomic methodology.  Using 8 key pillars of education and safety management helping to create and strengthen safe space cultures with a maverick approach in industry: Health & Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Psychological Safety, Personal Safety Awareness, Welfare and Security, Wellbeing and Mental Health, Sustainability and Eco Awareness. Sam’s experiences allow her to assist businesses with the eighth, Functional & Soft Skill development and support for neurodiverse team members and business owners –

Sam is also an advisor for The Federation of Nail Professionals (The FNP), volunteer advisor on the development and creation of the Salon Safety and Hygiene rating scheme, and newly appointed resident columnist for Salon Education Journal and blog writer for The Hair and Beauty Directory.  She is also a Disability and Neurodiversity Advocate, who wishes to champion inclusive recruitment and awareness within the sector. 

The Safer Salon Geek provides training, consultancy, and advisory services for all types of salons industry businesses, academies and solopreneurs. Safer by choice, not by chance.