Sarah Abel

From a tender age of 13, Sarah discovered her passion for the hair and beauty industry, beginning her professional journey as a Saturday assistant. Her vast experience spans from roles in sales and marketing to ascending as the Sales Manager for Avon Cosmetics. Demonstrating astute leadership, Sarah elevated her area’s sales ranking from 450th nationally to an outstanding 41st within a mere two years.

Facing a pivotal decision to become the Regional Sales Manager for the East of England, Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit steered her towards establishing her own salon in 2001. This endeavour blossomed into the ownership of four successful salons. By 2008, with a vision to shape the future professionals of the industry, she launched a training company that boasted a turnover of £600K in 2022, with projections set to touch a million in 2023. Specialising in hair and beauty training, the company’s wide array of offerings ranges from government-funded programs and private training to apprenticeships, adult education, and study programs in the Hair, Beauty, & Wellbeing sectors.

In 2020, after years of strategic collaborations, Sarah secured her own training contract, positioning her as a community pioneer for business owners aiming to diversify their revenue streams within the Hair & Beauty sector. Her guidance has been pivotal in enabling business owners to pivot from working solely in their businesses to strategically working on them.

A significant feather in Sarah’s cap came in 2023 when she successfully tendered and secured the Adult Education Budget contract out of a competitive pool of 2000 training providers. This achievement has granted her the capability to provide funded Hair & Beauty study programs to individuals of all ages. A defining factor that set Sarah apart was her unique selling proposition: she not only offers training but also operates a commercial salon. This model allows trainees the invaluable experience of building a clientele during their training phase. Furthermore, upon completion, they are presented with the golden opportunity to rent space in her established commercial salons, paving the way for their entrepreneurial journey.

Renowned as an authority in apprenticeships, Sarah’s expertise is frequently sought after by salon owners. Her influence has also resonated through her podcast, “The Apprenticeship Godmother.” Launched in 2022, this series provides a deep dive into apprenticeships in the beauty realm, making it an invaluable resource available on platforms such as Apple and Spotify.