Tracy Munro

Tracy is a Mindful Menopause Coach and specialises in helping women feeling overwhelmed during their midlife. Building confidence through her coaching techniques and enabling women to navigate their world with more balance and calm.  Skin is also a specialist subject that Tracy incorporates into her work in the menopause sector.

Tracy is a dedicated beauty and wellness expert with over 30 years of experience in her craft. She has been passionate about helping others since she first trained in beauty therapy. Her unique perspective on the challenges of skin concerns was shaped by her own experience with acne during her college days. This experience made Tracy more empathetic and understanding towards her clients, allowing her to provide better care and support.

Tracy has a natural ability to attract overwhelmed midlife women, and her intuition has led her to train in coaching. She is a certified IAPC&M Coach and has become a Mindful Menopause Coach. Her aim is to empower menopausing women to quiet their monkey mind and achieve balance, freedom, and self-belief. Tracy’s coaching leaves her clients feeling aligned, supported, and like their old selves again.

Through her work, Tracy has helped countless menopausing women feel more confident, comfortable, and beautiful inside and out. Tracy is passionate about her work and dedicated to helping menopausing women navigate life’s challenges to feel more balanced, calm and content while effectively juggling work and family.

IHBC | CIDESCO | Certificate in Education | Assessors Award | IAPC&M Qualified Coach